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Faux Effects

The FE Dallas®
Fine Finishing Studio

"Training professionals in the fine arts 
of faux and decorative finishing"

The FE Dallas Finishing Studio has trained thousands of artists, faux finishing professionals, decorative painting contractors, and custom manufacturing crews in the fine art of faux and decorative finishing. Our diverse curriculum includes workshops ranging from designer wall finishing classes to high speed production techniques to the fine art of Trompe L'oeil murals. 

Faux Effects® Studios are considered to be the premier faux finishing schools in the United States. By pioneering new techniques and methodologies in the faux finishing industry, we have set the standard by which faux and decorative finishing instructional institutions are measured.

We have earned our prestigious reputation by offering the most unique, intensive hands- on designer workshops in faux and decorative finishes in conjunction with the industry's finest Finishing System available, the Faux Effects® Gold Professional line of products. These patented products and proven methods may only be taught by Faux Effects® licensed schools and purchased by professionals who have received workshop training.

You will be instructed by some of the nation's most accomplished  Faux Artisans who will share their wealth of knowledge and expertise with you, as they teach you the secrets of their craft, allowing you to create the highest quality finishes in far less time and with more consistency, protecting both your reputation and your profits..

Our on-staff faculty members are successful working professional artisans who are selected not only for their talent, but their teaching skills as well. Our guest instructors are undisputed masters in their field of expertise and bring a wealth of world class knowledge and experience to the classroom.

By combining a first class faculty with small, individualized classes, cutting edge methods, and space age products, we have developed an opportunity for learning that we believe is second to none. Not just content to rest on our reputation, we are constantly developing new methods and techniques which are then passed on to our students in our free update seminars, ensuring that the education you receive today is unparalleled tomorrow.

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