Stain & Seal is a unique water-based gel-like stain. Stain & Seal products allow for both staining and sealing in just one easy operation. These products contain high quality, super ground pigments in a unique water based formula that are unsurpassed in reflective color quality. 

Stain & Seal is easy to use, rub it generously onto a work piece, wait minutes and wipe excess off with terry cloth towel. Stain & Seal is a versatile, professional finishing product with non-hazardous, non-flammable color and resin ingredients and has a pleasant odor. 

Stain & Seal used on antique chair

Stain & Seal is rated for interior use only because the highly reflective color material has a limited resistance to the UV in direct sun rays. Stain & Seal is easy to finish off, just wipe on at least two layers of Aqua Clear Finishing Paste for a durable clear coat. Stain & Seal is a great material for professional looking finishes on raw wood or for color enhancement as an addition to decorative finishes. 

Stain and Seal is available in most of the popular wood stain colors plus six metallic colors, available in quarts and gallons.

Covers Approximately 100 - 250 sq ft per gallon

Sold in quarts and gallons.