Marble, Stone & Texture Products

  • AquaStone®

    AquaStone® is a textured material containing actual marble dust suspended in an acrylic resin. A full-bodied material that holds its shape when troweled or texturized, AquaStone® can be used to create a wide variety of relief-based finishes including stucco patterns, limestone, coral stone, as well as brick and block walls. AquaStone® is the perfect choice for embossed stenciling.

    Covers Approximately 50 - 150 sq ft per gallon

  • PlasterTex™

    PlasterTex™ is a texture material specially formulated to create a grained plaster finish and can be tinted with FauxCreme Color™. It can be used as a base coat for a Venetian Gem® finish or as a final coat when a rough, distressed look is preferred. PlasterTex™ may be applied over most ordinary dry acrylic latex paints, but it is always suggested to check the bond in a small area before beginning or completing an entire work project with any paint or plaster material.

    • Covers up to 200 sq ft per gallon
  • Sandstone™

    Sandstone™ is a water-based decorative material with special, non-abrasive sand-like particles. Formulated to create a sandy texture on walls and furniture, it is also used as a basecoat in the production of faux marble and stone. Sandstone™ can be scraped to bring out the color of the embedded particles hidden within or sanded to a smooth sandstone finish. SandStone™ may be applied over most old painted surfaces or newly primed drywall. Sandstone™ can be tinted with FauxCreme Color™ and commercially available colorants for water based paint materials. It is an excellent working base for color glazing or Venetian Plaster™ finishes.

    Sandstone™ may be applied by brush, roll, trowel or spray. For spray on application use a large fluid tip of at least 100 thousandths diameter. SandStone™ may be thinned up to 30% with tap water for spray applications.

    Covers up to 200 sq ft per gallon
  • True Tint Stone™

    True Tint Stone™ is a thick textured material with the capacity to tint to a true deep color when combined with FauxCreme Color™/AquaColor™ tinting products. Authentic looking brick and adobe finishes can be created as well as the simulation of life-like rock and mineral formations.

    • Interior/Exterior rated
    • Resists fading
    • Easily sanded
    • Excellent bonding qualities
    • Coverage: 50–150 sq.ft. per gallon, depending on application and technique.
    • Soap and water clean-up

  • Texture Coat™

    Texture Coat™ is a specially formulated basecoat with superb high pH blocking and bonding capabilities. Texture Coat™ is a durable base coat for plasters and can be used alone as a textured wall and trim finish. Unlike common latex paints, the high grade proprietary resins and manufacturing process of Texture Coat™ provides very good bonding and durability, as well as excellent water resistance.

    Coverage: 400 sq.ft. per gallon

  • TextureFil™

    TextureFil™ is a time saving fill-in acrylic formulation designed to smooth out textured surfaces. No primer or SetCoat® is required prior to or after its application. This remarkable product works as both a primer and a basecoat; it is a hard, chemical-resistant, resurfacing product. It makes even heavy textures and stippled wall surfaces ready for smooth faux finishing with a few simple troweled-on coats. TextureFil™ may be directly coated or decoratively finished with any Faux Effects® product, so there no need for additional primers or basecoats.

    Covers up to 50–100 sq.ft. per gallon