Stain and Wood Finishing Products

  • Stain & Seal™

    Stain & Seal™ is a unique water-based, gel-like concentrated staining material that stains and seals in just one easy operation. For maximum color depth simply rub Stain & Seal™ onto your work piece, wait minutes and wipe excess off with a clean, absorbent cloth. Stain & Seal™ may even be thinned with FXThinner. This easy to use staining product is environment friendly, non-hazardous, non-flammable and has a pleasant odor.

    Stain and Seal™ is available in most of the popular wood stain colors. Covers up to 250 sq ft per gallon

  • Layering Paint™ (OW Finishing Paint™)

    "Give new life to an old piece, or make a treasured heirloom"

    • Chalky style paint that easily sands to a silky smooth finish
    • Soft & Matte
    • Simple to use
    • Eco Friendly, soap & water clean up
    • May be applied as a pre-stain wood sealer
    • Sands to a glass smooth surface when used as a primer
    • Can be stained and waxed
    • Perfect for wood cabinet and furniture refinishing
    • Coverage varies according to use 200-400 sf per gallon
    • VOC Compliant
  • AquaGard™

    AquaGard™ is a clear, durable, anti-yellowing water-based acrylic coating used as a top coat to increase a finished look and durability of a work piece. When fully cured, it also provides good chemical resistance to the finished surface.

    AquaGard™ is available in gloss, satin, and dull sheens. It can be applied by brush, low-nap roller or sprayer. Thin up to 20% with tap water when needed. Do not apply AquaGard™ in temperatures below 55 degrees F. Applying top coats at low temperatures reduces the ability of this product to dry properly and obtain a good film formation, thus reducing its durability.

  • Aqua Finishing Paste™

    Aqua Finishing Paste™ is a wipe-on, water-based co-polymer acrylic finish that has good wear and chemical resistance. Containing high-grade proprietary resins, it offers durability and superior bonding. As a clear, furniture-quality topcoat and decorative finishing material, this product allows for easy finishing on hard-to-finish surfaces, such as carved wood, chairs, ornate moldings, and railings. Aqua Finishing Paste™ has good wear and chemical resistance and can be polished and rubbed smooth with the of nylon pads after it has dried for at least 72 hours.

    Aqua Finishing Paste™ is an excellent stenciling material because it can be tinted with FauxCreme Color and does not easily seep beneath the stencil edges—it also can be used to create embossed designs for decorative finishing.

  • Dead Flat Varnish™

    Our water-based clear topcoat designed to offer a flat no-sheen appearance when dry. May be applied by careful brushing, roller and spray on applications. Will look milky when first applied, but dries to a clear and flat appearance. The perfect dead flat clear coat finish when no sheen finish is desired. May be thinned up to 20% with tap water for spray on applications. Easy clean up using soap and water.
  • Varnish Plus™

    Varnish Plus™ is a durable,water based, pre-catalyzed conversion varnish in an easy to use spray or brush on formulation. Its clear finish promotes excellent flow-out and tough film formation. Varnish Plus™ meets or exceeds standards as set forth in the furniture, kitchen cabinet, and millwork association for USA.

    Apply by roller, brush or sprayer. Can be thinned up to 20% with water for spray applications. Apply the second coat within 4 hours of the first coat or wait 48 hours for recoating.